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The 2013 Shorty Awards
‘Game of Thrones’ actor Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, has confirmed that his character will not be featured in the upcoming fifth series of the hit show.


However, fans of Hodor – and Bran Stark, played by Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who will also not be making an appearance – need not worry as he’ll be back in the following series.


Kristian told Yahoo Australia: “[Hodor and Bran] have a season off and we have a year’s hiatus, solely because I imagine our storyline is up to the end of the books.”


When we last saw Hodor, who has only ever been heard repeating his own name, his big responsibility was to carry around Bran, who is paraplegic.


Kristian added: “People say ‘Right, you’ve only got one line, you’ve either got the hardest job in the show, or you’ve got the easiest job’.


“You have to tread that line between you don’t want to do your huge panto reactions in the background, you have to be subtle and real.”


He also revealed he had big plans for his year off, and would be “gallivanting all over the world” with his ‘Game of Thrones’-themed DJ act, ‘Rave of Thrones’.


Yes, really. This is an actual thing that exists.


Meanwhile, Bryan Cogman – one of the show’s writers – said back in May that ‘Game of Thrones’ will now shift its focus from the Starks to the Lannisters, who he described as the new “principal family of the show, in a way”.


Filming for season five of ‘Game of Thrones’ is now underway, with plans for it to hit our screens in 2015.


Source: Huffington Post

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Q & A with Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer

Q & A with Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer

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Photography Chad Pitman
Styling Micaela Erlanger

Text Alex Bhattacharji

Particularly in the US, Natalie Dormer is known for playing alluring queens—first turning heads as Anne Boleyn on Showtime’s The Tudors, and now captivating critics and diehard fans as the thrice-married Margaery Tyrell on the HBO hit Game of Thrones. But in this fall’s first installment of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, fans of the British beauty are in for a shock: Dormer plays Cressida, a punked-out guerilla documentarian for the rebellion charged with crafting a populist image for Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence. It required the 32-year-old native of Reading, England to shave one side of her head to the skin, applying a tattoo where the hair was shaved and trading her royal gowns for army gear and a semi-automatic rifle. As it turns out, Dormer—petite, quirky, gregarious off-camera—can be quite a royal badass.

First, let’s discuss your hair—it’s growing back, but you had one side shaved to play Cressida in The Hunger Games. Who wielded the razor?It wasn’t me; it had to be done to the movie’s specs. So I talked to Francis Lawrence, the director, a lot about it and also the head of hair—sorry, head of hair always sounds funny, the chief of hair. I had a kind of reconciled myself to it by the time it I sat in the trailer and they got the razor out.

How did the cut affect your personal style?
It opens you up to exploring more kind of punky, funky looks on the red carpet or at events. But I was actually quite surprised at Comic-Con—there’s a lot of lopsidedness going on. Girls are doing the lopsided thing, very tight…down one side so it almost looks like they’re shaved. That seems to be en vogue and I seem to be ahead of the curve. I don’t know if the Katniss Everdeen thing is catching on as well, but a lot of girls are wearing plaits to one side.


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The Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon airs tonight on all the major networks. Game of Thrones stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, and Pedro Pascal are among the dozens and dozen (and dozens) of celebrities announced to be taking part.

This is the biggest version of the telethon yet, with a new twist. Instead of you calling to talk to your favorite celebs, they can call you. Head over and sign up at  They just want your name, email address for spamming, plus your social media handles and phone number and you could be lucky enough to receive a phone call from Arya, where you can ask what it was like to leave the Hound on the ground to die slowly. All in the name of beating cancer!


Source: Winter is Coming

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In the last 7 days I’ve uploaded over 3000 photos to the gallery. A lot of them were HQ quality from past events, but I’ve also added two new sections to the gallery – Fan Art & Donations and Candids. If you have anything to donate, email it to There are so many talented artists in the Game of Thrones fanbase and I’d love to have our gallery be a great resource for fanart.

Please stop by and check out the latest additions to the gallery.

Additional photos added to most 2014 albums! Too many past events to list for added photos but here are the completely new events/sections:



New Section! – Candids






Cast photoshoots – 








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by Mark Poynter


Daniel Portman, Podrick from Game of Thrones, will be attending Granite State Comiconon September 13th and 14th and we were lucky enough to talk with him about HBO‘s hit show, his character, and his upcoming convention appearance.


I understand that you auditioned for two other parts in GOT before landing the Podrick role, can you tell us who those characters were?

No, I’m not allowed to tell you, sorry. Just for the sake of stepping on the toes of other actors I can’t say, I’m sorry. I can tell you that both of the characters that I auditioned for were for the second season and they both died in the second season. So I was quite fortunate in terms of that.

When you went up for the part, had you already read any of the books? If not, did you later read them?

After I watched the first season, as a fan, I read up to A Feast for Crows. In that space of time between watching that first season and my audition for Podrick. It was just quite lucky that I had done that because I had a better background and knowledge of what they might have been looking for in terms of Podrick and knowing they were aging up certain characters and things like that. I haven’t read any further since then, because I don’t want to jump the gun and be preempting things and second guessing what the writers and producers are going to do with my character, but as a fan before I was in the show I’d read the first four books.

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August 31, 2014 by Sue the Fury


The excitement in Kastel Gomilica continues, as Game of Thrones filming rolls on with Maisie WilliamsMark GatissIan Beattie and Roger Ashton-Griffiths.

The newest crop of photos provides an exciting hint of season five, as the presence of some characters in this location is a change from the books.

Spoilers below the cut!

(Now updated with more photos)


The Iron Banker Tycho Nestoris, played by Mark Gatiss, appears to be on the waterfront in Braavos, greeting Mace Tyrell (Roger Ashton-Griffiths), an envoy from Westeros. Tyrell is guarded by Ser Meryn Trant (Ian Beattie), a longstanding member of the Kingsguard.

Maisie Williams can be spotted in the photo below, chatting with executive producer Dan Weiss.

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