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Maisie Williams on an “exciting” series five

The actress, who plays Arya Stark in the HBO series, had some cryptic clues as to what we might expect


By Huw Fullerton
Wednesday 22 October 2014 at 08:27AM

A lot of Game of Thrones fans are desperate to find out what might happen in next year’s season five – and it looks like one of the HBO series’ actors is right alongside them.

“Even for a cast member, this next year is so secretive,” Maisie Williams (who plays outcast noble Arya Stark) told RadioTimes.com. “I ask millions of questions and never get any real answers, because they want to keep so many things hush hush.”

Still, what she does know sounds very exciting – and visual. Might we be seeing some more unusual creatures or monsters this year?

“From the second I read [this year’s scripts] I’ve just been questioning directors and writers and makeup artists, and prosthetic people about how they’re gonna shoot it,” Williams said, “and stuff that’s going to be special effects, so acting with tennis balls and things like that.”

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Wilko Johnson. AKA Ilyn Payne, says he is ‘cancer free’

Wilko Johnson: “If there’s a moral to this story, it’s that you never know what’s going to happen”

Wilko Johnson_0

Former Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson has said he has been “cured” of the terminal pancreatic cancer with which he was diagnosed in 2012.

The 67-year-old was initially given 10 months to live after rejecting chemotherapy, but had radical surgery to remove the tumour earlier this year.

“It was an 11-hour operation,” he said at the Q Awards in London.

“This tumour weighed 3kg – that’s the size of a baby,” he continued. “Anyway, they got it all. They cured me.”

The guitarist went on his “farewell tour” in 2013 and recorded an album with The Who’s Roger Daltrey.

“I thought that was going to be the last thing I ever did,” he told BBC News entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson after the ceremony on Wednesday.

‘Calmly accepted’ fate

Then, at the end of last year, a doctor got in touch and said “something strange” was going on because he was still alive.

Johnson went to see a cancer specialist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and it was discovered that he had a rare form of tumour. He then had the surgery in April.

Wilko Johnson tells the BBC’s Colin Paterson he was told he would die

After the initial diagnosis, he was “absolutely convinced that this thing would kill me,” Johnson said. “I accepted it. I didn’t lose a minute’s sleep about that.”

The musician said he had spent a year “calmly accepting the idea that I was going to die”.

He said: “I decided that was the way to deal with it – not to curse it or fight it or anything like that. Just try and enjoy the time left, which I’d done.

‘It’s gone’

“In order to do that, you have to accept, yes you’re going to die, which in itself was quite an experience because it gives you a whole different way of looking at things.

“And then for someone to come up and say ‘We can fix it’… When they first said they could operate, I was thinking, ‘What are they saying? They may be offering me two or three more months life?’

“But no they weren’t, they were saying they could get rid of the tumour, and that’s what they did. And it’s gone. And I don’t have cancer.

“It’s so weird and so strange that it’s kind of hard to come to terms with it in my mind. Now, I’m spending my time gradually coming to terms with the idea that my death is not imminent, that I am going to live on.”

He said he was still recovering from the operation. When asked what he would do next, he replied: “I don’t know really.”gotIlynPayne-2807942914965227134_zps2c80fae1

Johnson’s declaration came as he accepted the Icon Award at the Grosvenor House ceremony on Wednesday.

Johnson’s operation also involved the removal of his pancreas, spleen part of his stomach, small and large intestines and the removal and reconstruction of blood vessels relating to the liver.

Source: BBC


Season 5 Rumors Debunked

by James Hibberd on Oct 22, 2014 at 2:24PM @james_hibberd

Time for a Game of Thrones big rumor rundown. Below are eight misconceptions about the HBO hit’s fifth season (and the show in general) that have been debunked to varying degrees.


Disclaimer: Fans who read plenty of online Thrones coverage may already know these points as they’ve all been previously reported on EW.com and beyond. Who appears (or doesn’t) in the season is discussed, but I’m deliberately not including any plot spoilers from the new season that have leaked, or otherwise adding anything new to the rumor mill.


Still, if you wish to know absolutely nothing about season five before it starts next spring then you might consider a Night’s Watch vow of online Thrones coverage celibacy. And now, let’s tackle those rumors and assumptions:


1. Bran Stark will appear in season five: A perfectly reasonable assumption. But an actor leak revealed revealed that Bran and his traveling companion Hodor have been benched during season 5.


2. Tywin Lannister is alive in season five: Charles Dance spilled to an interviewer that we haven’t seen the last of his character, which prompted at least one major outlet to report that Tywin is not really dead. The Lannister patriarch firmly died in the season four finale. Though producers have revealed season 5 will have the show’s first flashback scene, Dance is more likely to play Tywin’s corpse.


3. Season 5 will include the Iron Islands subplot from A Feast for Crows. An assumption among some readers of George R. R. Martin’s novels is the watery Iron Islands subplot will be explored. While the Dorne-based subplot will be  in season five, producers have previously indicated the Iron Islands subplot has been omitted.


4. Game of Thrones was prevented from shooting a season-five nude scene by a church in Dubrovnik: The scene in question was shot on schedule. Thrones occasionally has to rule out first-choice locations due to various objections; it’s a common hurdle for any project filming in historic locations.


5. [Spoiler] is being resurrected: Book readers know who this is, and some purists get perturbed (to put it mildly) when her name is mentioned. Yet whenever this person fails to appear on the show, some fans kick their expectation farther down the field. (“Well, maybe next season?”) Producers have remained mum on the subject, but indications from others suggest it is not happening.


6. Thrones will have to stretch its story to wait for Martin’s next book: If anything, Thrones is speeding up. The first and second seasons followed Martin’s first and second books. The third and fourth largely followed Martin’s epic and amazingly well-plotted third book. But producers have previously said to expect season five to use much (though probably not all) of the story content from books four and five.


7. The Mountain and The Hound are both definitely dead. Last season, Gregor Clegane was seemingly mortally wounded in the arena; his brother Sandor Clegane was left seemingly mortally wounded on a hillside. Both could be dead. But neither have been confirmed dead.


8. HBO refuses to give Thrones more than 10 episodes a year. A frequent claim in the reader comments. Martin himself has publicly lobbied for Thrones to have 13 episodes like other cable dramas. But producers have been adamant that doing more than 10 hours would be impossible as Thrones is an intensive year-around job that’s more like filming at 10-hour film rather than a TV show. Also: Not a rumor/misconception but ICYMI: Martin will not write  an episode for season five to focus on working on the next ASOIAF novel.

Source: EW


Gallery Update: More Sightings of Team Dany in Spain





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Lena & Peter Get “Low Down” In New Film

Lena and Peter did a film together that will be released in NYC this weekend. Check out this great trailer.

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