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March Madness includes a lot of Basketball Tournament and on F-March-Madness on Livejournal, they have a fandom steel cage match. This was inspired by theirs but its just for Game of Thrones characters!

Here is the bracket: GOT Steel Cage Match


  1. You do not have to register on this site to vote but you can only vote once in each poll.
  2. There are 32 polls for Round 1. Then the winners of that round will advance to Round 2.
  3. There will be 16 polls for Round 3. The winners for that round will advance to Final Round.
  4. Final round has 8 polls, which will determine the final winner for each title.
  5. If you have any questions, please post a comment here. Please don’t post hate if you don’t agree with my choices. You can voice your opinion of course but just don’t post hate.


Round 1 – ends April 20, 2014 @ 11:59PM EST

Round 2 – ends April 27, 2014 @ 11:59PM EST

Round 3 – ends May 4, 2014 @ 11:59PM EST

Final Round  – ends May 11, 2014 @ 11:59PM EST





Apr / 20 / 14
Game of Thrones Previews & Trailers

Apr / 19 / 14
Game of Thrones Press

Cast members from 'Game of Thrones'

(Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones,” Season 4, Episode 2 – “The Lion and The Rose, bookmark this link and come back after watching the show.)

It was the “Game of Thrones” death fans had been waiting for.

After years of watching his obscene abuses of power and people, on Sunday night, King Joffrey Baratheon (technically: Joffrey Lannister), met his end, in yet another grisly wedding death on the show.

The spawn of twincest, Joffrey committed a host of horrific acts over the seasons. He played a big role in the deaths of Lady (Sansa’s direwolf) and Micah, the butcher’s boy, while just a prince. As King, his first major (public) act was to order the beheading of Ned Stark. He tormented Sansa, played sadistic games with whores (including killing Ros), and humiliated Tyrion, even setting up shocking wedding entertainment with dwarfs to further taunt his uncle.


Fans across the realm may have felt a sense of justice at the death, and shock at how gruesome it was (to see his blue eyes filled with blood, his mouth foam and lungs unable to take their last breath). But, for the cast, they were watching a dear friend – Jack Gleeson – film what would be his exit. (Editor’s note: The show was shot out of sequence, so it was not Jack’s final scene of work for the show.)

Access Hollywood spoke with members of the “GoT” cast – some who were there, some just longtime co-stars of Jack — about the scene and saying goodbye to their friend.


Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark)

On Saying Goodbye To Longtime Co-Star Jack Gleeson: “It was really sad. … He was my first on-screen boyfriend and it’s just like — it’s been a long journey and it’s really sad to see him go and he came in with all the like prosthetic scratches and stuff and it was just horrible. He had a great time though, doing it.”

On How Realistic & Gruesome The Death Scene Was: “It was horrible to watch because he acts it so well. You feel like you’re suffocating when you’re watching it and then, I mean, obviously, it’s different for the actors than to the viewers because Jack’s the nicest guy on set and it’s just really difficult to watch him do his last scene. So, so upsetting I can’t tell you. [It is] so gruesome and everything that anyone has ever wanted to happen to Joffrey, and then, the bit when Lena [Headey] — as much as we hate Cersei, the bit where she’s like screaming… for like the loss of her son, oh my God, it’s so sad.”



Apr / 19 / 14
Press Season 4 News

Spoilers! The Purple Wedding has arrived, and King’s Landing will never be the same.

Needless to say, but let’s say it anyway, this story features MAJOR SPOILERS from last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, “The Lion and the Rose.” Do not read any further if you don’t want to know what happened.


One more time, big spoilers follow for last night’s episode!

O.K., still with us? Then we can finally type the words: Ding dong, King Joffrey is dead! Who’s dead? Little Joffrey Baratheon’s dead! And man, did he go out in style.

Game of Thrones: “The Lion and the Rose” Review

We spoke to several Game of Thrones cast members to get their take — and their characters’ take — on the passing of little Joffrey. And believe us, not many tears were shed during the writing of this article…


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister)

IGN: People have been champing at the bit for Joffrey to die.

Coster-Waldau: Yeah, but as soon as he’s gone you’re going to miss that villain!

IGN: But he died as a child reaching out for his mother and not like a villain. I was like, “Don’t make me feel sympathy for this little s**t!”

Coster-Waldau: That’s what’s great about this show is they do manage to create those moments where it’s still people and clearly you shouldn’t — and it shows in this city [Los Angeles] every day more or less — don’t enable teenagers with too much wealth or power. It’s not a healthy thing.

IGN: What does Jaime feel about the loss of Joffrey? Considering he was the Kingslayer who took out The Mad King and he had a kid who was on his way to becoming another one, does he have mixed feelings about the death of Joffrey? 

Coster-Waldau: Well, he has mixed feelings. He’s also pretty … they didn’t have much of a relationship, and I think he grieves for his sister. He feels her pain. And that’s not good, but to be honest I don’t think he has any paternal feelings towards Joffrey. I think he does to the other kids, but Joffrey from day one has been such a horrible little psychopath.


Apr / 19 / 14
Press Season 4 News


Warning: If you have not seen last night’s eventful episode of Game of Thrones, “The Lion and the Rose,” turn back now — spoilers ahead!

For three seasons, Joffrey Baratheon has gleefully displayed his sadistic nature on Game of Thrones, easily securing the teen tyrant’s place as one of the most insanely jerky characters in television history. The delight he’s taken in the misery of his former fiancée Sansa Stark after he ordered her father to be beheaded, the continued taunting of his uncle Tyrion, the glint in his eyes as he held his crossbow: These are Just Joffrey Things.

But just like that, the King is dead — long live the King (but not really). Joffrey’s death at his own wedding might have been unexpected for some (although by now you should know that weddings never go well in Westeros), but others might feel his death wasn’t nearly as protracted and painful as it might have been, given his many misdeeds. Fans have wanted Joffrey to die from nearly day one, ever since Tyrion first slapped the boy silly or since the boy king gave the order to execute Ned Stark, and Jack Gleeson’s former castmates have felt the same way. As Vulture found out at the season-four premiere party recently, Game of Thrones actors have invested quite a bit of thought into how they would have offed Joffrey.

Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister)
“There are endless ways of killing Joffrey! I would have smothered him, I think. Not a particularly messy thing to do, just get it out of the way. He’s like an annoying mosquito, you know?”

Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark)

“How would I have done it? I would have done everything he’s done to me and my family. So I would murder him in many ways. I’d have to cut off his head, too many times. And draw a smiley face on every part of his body that I cut off.  Make him look at it. Here’s your foot! With a smiley face on it! And sew wolf parts back on, like a wolf hand. Then he’s a wolfman. And strip him naked and fire at him with a crossbow. He doesn’t get to keep any essential parts. Castrate him, too. Castrate all the men in this program! There’s too much sex going on!”

Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell)
“I would throw him into an orgy, and have a bunch of people fuck him to death. He could die happy. He’d enjoy it at first, but only up to a point.”

Finn Jones (Ser Loras Tyrell)
“Brienne does this great killing in season three, where she gets a sword and just slowly penetrates the guy’s anus. I’d like to do that. Actually, what am I talking about? That’s gross! I’d strangle him. I think I’d like to strangle him with my toes, and then whilst I’m strangling him with my toes, I’d like to gouge out his eyes. Do you know what? I love Jack. Jack is a dear friend of mine. But I’d like to do that to Joffrey. I want to get in there. I want to feel him die.”

Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth)
“I’d just dehydrate him. You don’t give him anything, and let the body do its work. And that’s really simple, simple and quiet. And effective. But it might be a long, slow death, if you just give him a little bit of water, and then reduce it slowly, so eventually you’re just giving him half a drop and not allowing him to die.” [Laughs.]


Apr / 19 / 14
Game of Thrones Press


Though Westeros is surely a happier place without King Joffrey, the cast of HBO’s Game of Thrones is mourning the loss of actor Jack Gleeson. Below, a few of the 21-year-old actor’s closest castmates reveal how they feel about his departure from the series and also give hints about their character’s reaction to his violent death.
Lena Headey (Queen Regent Cersei): “I love him. It’s been four years and I’ve kind of seen Jack grow up — he’s very smart and he’s very funny and he’s very charming. And he’s great company! You form friendships and that’s been a really special one to me and I literally look into his eyes and I get very upset because I go, ‘No!’ But he’s going and I get it.”

Headey on Cersei’s wedding-day thoughts: “I think she’s enjoying this moment for as much as she can. Seeing Joffrey as genuinely happy and excited to marry Margaery — it kills her, and also she f—ing loves him. She holds that boy on a very wobbly pedestal, but she holds him up. And yeah, it’s the beginning of everything falling down for her.”
Then she blames Tyrion: “Of course — who else could she blame? … The last thing she sees while holding her son is Tyrion and that’s all she needs.”

Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell): “We’re all going to miss him — we’re all trying not to think about it that it’s his last day so everyone is a little morose at the idea of actually losing Jack. But once you’re part of the Thrones family, you’re always part of the Thrones family, you’re still part of the clan even after.”
Dormer teases Margaery’s reaction: “Well, politically, to lose one husband is bad, but to lose two husbands is careless! It’s really bad PR for Margaery. So regardless of what she thought of Joffrey as a human being, it’s not a good place for her to be in. So she’s like, you know, cursed or tainted goods.”

Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark): “It’s been the best time working with Jack. He is one of the most talented actors on the show — he’s the nicest person in real life and he’s become a really close friend. He’s the easiest guy to work with and it’s gonna be so sad to see him go. He’s not like one of those method actors that goes into a dark place to get it because if he was one of those guys, he’d be horrible to work with. Everyone who meets him is always totally surprised because he’s like the funniest person and him and Peter [Dinklage] are like a double act — it’s so weird! You can’t meet anyone nicer on the cast — everyone wants to hang out with Jack.”
Turner also gave some insight about Sansa’s reaction to watching Joffrey die: “It says in the script that obviously it’s horror, but she’s seen this kind of stuff before and it’s kind of more a sigh of relief than anything — finally it’s happened. Finally, after all these years. You don’t want to see anyone die, but it’s like this massive weight off her shoulders.”


While we didn’t get a chance to ask the next two actors about working with Gleeson, we did discuss other issues with them related to Joffrey’s death:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) on what Jaime secretly felt (or didn’t) for his son: “I don’t think he has any love for Joffrey. He’s never been close to him. But he has huge love and affection for his mother, and he sees that effect.”

Charlies Dance (Tywin Lannister) on how Joffrey’s death impacts Tywin’s plans: “Well, it hasn’t come a moment too soon, really. It does help Tywin, because I’ve sorted out who I want to marry who. It’s all about maintaining the status quo really — making sure the Lannisters stay up there. Whether it’s getting help from the Dornish or the Tyrells, the most prominent house in the seven kingdoms is the house of Lannister, so I have to do whatever it takes to make sure that that situation stays. And way over in the east there’s these continuous rumors about this Targaryan girl with her dragons that I’m trying not to think about — let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. But now that we’ve got Joffrey out of the way, the young man that I want to put on the throne I can put on the throne … the death of Joffrey is fortuitous because he was kind of like a little mosquito anyway — annoying, that you’re swatting all the time.”


Apr / 19 / 14
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